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  • View data and monitor events at the data center
  • Precisely controls wind tunnel temperatures up to 85°C
  • Controls the blower RPM and allows changes in air flow rates
  • Users can evaluate the effects of elevated temperatures on component and PCB response and reliability
  • Characterize a variety of heat sink sizes for low speed and forced convection cooling
  • Precision temperature and velocity controls allow accurate calibration of sensors
  • An ideal test vehicle for indi­vidual or multiple component testing
  • Test actual or simulated PCBs for thermal and flow distribution
CLWTC-1000 Wind Tunnel Controller

Custom built for the CLWT-067 closed loop wind tunnel, the CLWTC-1000  is designed to automatically control the air flow and temperature through the test chamber. The controller is operated with a Windows PC (not included) to manage and measure air speed and air temperature, and to obtain continuous data on the devices under test.


The CLWTC-1000 controller features easy to use StageControl 1000 software, a version of the proven software used with other ATS wind tunnel controllers. The controller provides the PC with a functioning Data Center for viewing information and monitoring events. The user can set a range of velocities at different temperatures from the software to run the wind tunnel automatically. The CLWTC-1000 also has manual controls to raise and lower the air temperature, in addition to changing temperature via the PC.


It is highly recommended that users of the CLWT-067 utilize the CLWTC-1000 Closed Loop Wind Tunnel Controller as it automates the control of temperature and velocity automatic and minimizes the chances for errors using multiple and/or less capable controlling devices.


The CLWTC-1000’s interface is compatible with any Windows PC.


Overall Dimensions: (L x W x H) 34.3 cm x 25.4 cm x 17.8 cm (13.5” x 10” x 7”)

Materials: Sheet metal

Weight: 4.5 kg (10 lbs.)