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Download the latest issue of Qpedia. Key topics featured in this issue are:

  • Measuring Heat Flux from a Component on a PCB
  • Design Parameters in Immersion Cooling
  • Basic Definition of Thermal Resistance
  • Cooling with Lasers
  • Mobile Device Thermal Management
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Table of Contents - January 2010

Current Issues

January 2010

Heat Spreaders: Material and Technology                     

Heat spreaders are employed in critical locations for more efficient heat  removal. They can be applied to low power devices, such as memory  modules in PC and IC chips in mobile devices, or to directly conduct heat  to ambient or to a chassis. On high power devices, such as CPUs and  IGBT modules, they spread heat to active cooling devices.


Microprocessor Power and Temperature Mapping

In electronics package design, it is prudent to maximize heat conduction away from areas of increased power level; after all, the location of a thermal failure will be in the hottest spot. By knowing where the areas of highest power generation are located on a chip, a package designer can focus on heat transfer capability from those sections. 


NEBS Compliance Testing: Thermal Management

Because NEBS compliance testing is done at the end of the design cycle, noncompliance with the standard will have detrimental effects on a product’s time to market (including cost penalties). Of the various NEBS requirements, those that apply to thermal specifications are among the most stringent.


Water Heating Using Solar Collectors

Research in solar heating has been ongoing for the last four decades. Only recently has it attracted more attention, due to high fuel prices and concerns over global warming. Proper thermal management of solar heating systems is an important part of their design.


Cooling News

New products, services and events from around the industry.