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Download the latest issue of Qpedia. Key topics featured in this issue are:

  • Measuring Heat Flux from a Component on a PCB
  • Design Parameters in Immersion Cooling
  • Basic Definition of Thermal Resistance
  • Cooling with Lasers
  • Mobile Device Thermal Management
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Table of Contents - July 2010

Current Issues

July 2010




Evaporative Cooling in Thermal Management

Evaporative cooling is based on a physical phenomenon in which the evaporation of a liquid (usually water) into the surrounding air cools an object or a liquid in contact with it. When the liquid turns into gas, it absorbs heat through a phase change process. The amount of heat absorbed is called the latent heat of evaporation.


Electro-osmotic Pumps for Thermal Management

Electro-osmotic pumps use the electrical double layer (EDL) characteristics of a conductive fluid on a solid boundary. They move the fluid using the Coulomb force induced by an electric field via a mobile electric charge in the fluid solution.


Flow Bench Measurement of Fan and System Curves in Air-Cooled Electronics

A flow bench is used to determine the curve of a fan or the system curve of an enclosure. It can also provide a controllable and measurable air flow through electronic equipment undergoing thermal testing. A typical flow bench includes a blower, instrumentation and a combination of nozzles. The choice of components will determine the flow rate measurement range and maximum pressure.


Magnetic Levitation Fans

The mechanical bearing is a prime source of fan failure in electronics applications. It is typically the limiting factor in an MTBF rating. A novel improvement on the typical fan bearing arrangement is said to reduce two common shortcomings of fans: operation friction and noise.


Cooling News

New products, services and events from around the industry.