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Download the latest issue of Qpedia. Key topics featured in this issue are:

  • Measuring Heat Flux from a Component on a PCB
  • Design Parameters in Immersion Cooling
  • Basic Definition of Thermal Resistance
  • Cooling with Lasers
  • Mobile Device Thermal Management
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Table of Contents - February 2011

Current Issues

February 2011



Heat Transfer in Spray Cooling

One of the heat transfer modes with high heat transfer coefficient is spray cooling. Spray cooling has many applications in the industry, such as cooling of electronic components or quenching of metallic products. The spray can be either a single phase liquid jet or mixed and atomized with air. In this article, we present some of the work done by researchers in this area


Single Phase Micro Jet Arrayed Impingement

Jet impingement is an attractive cooling mechanism, due to the capability of achieving high heat transfer rates. Over the past 15 years, jet impingement has been explored as a cooling option in microelectronics. This article will discuss the use of single-phase jet impingement using multiple micro jets.


Effect of Enhanced Structures on Water Boiling at Sub-Atmospheric Pressure.

Heat pipes and vapor chambers are devices with very high thermal conductance.  Heat pipes and vapor chambers are widely used in thermal management applications for electronic devices, leading to advancements in manufacturing technology and reductions in price. Some of the studies and conclusions of Pal and Joshi and Sloan and Wirtz are explored.


Heat Diffusion

One of the topics that has attracted the least attention in thermal management is the diffusion of heat. This article explores temperature distribution, thermal diffusivity and transient responses of temperature for copper and aluminum heat sinks.


Cooling News

New products, services and events from around the industry.