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Download the latest issue of Qpedia. Key topics featured in this issue are:

  • Measuring Heat Flux from a Component on a PCB
  • Design Parameters in Immersion Cooling
  • Basic Definition of Thermal Resistance
  • Cooling with Lasers
  • Mobile Device Thermal Management
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Table of Contents - April 2011

Current Issues

April 2011


Application Of Mist Cooling For Thermal Management

One of the more promising techniques for removing high heat fluxes is mist cooling.  Yet, even though there are numerous studies on jet impingement, mist or spray cooling specially for confined flows has not been studied extensively.



Thermal Management In Automobiles

It is common knowledge that electronics in automobiles has become more and more sophisticated and that the power consumption only seems to increase. All of these considerations highlight the importance of analyzing thermal management for the automobile as a system rather than as independent components.



Piezoelectric Fans And Their Application In Electronics Cooling

Piezoelectric fans seem to represent an example of research and development that has culminated in a product that is deceptively simple.  Although piezoelectric technology is capable of producing rotary motion, the fans operate quite differently from rotary fans, as they generate air flow with vibrating cantilevers instead of spinning blades.



Thermal Management Strategies For High Heat Flux Electronic Devices

With the steady increase of functionality and performance of electronic devices and the escalating demand for miniaturizing device dimensions, it is not surprising to see the continued increase of heat flux dissipation of modern electronic devices, especially the microprocessors, microcontrollers  and DSPs. In the foreseeable future, finding the cost-effective cooling solution for high heat flux electronic devices is the Holy Grail for mechanical and thermal engineers.



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