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Download the latest issue of Qpedia. Key topics featured in this issue are:

  • Measuring Heat Flux from a Component on a PCB
  • Design Parameters in Immersion Cooling
  • Basic Definition of Thermal Resistance
  • Cooling with Lasers
  • Mobile Device Thermal Management
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Table of Contents - December 2011

Current Issues

December 2011



Comparison of Heat Pipes Under Normal and Low Gravity Conditions

The heat pipe is a self-driven, two-phase heat transfer device with a very high  thermal conductance.  It is widely used in aerospace applications, military devices, temperature control systems and personal computers.  This article covers several experimental studies which analyze their performance under a variety of earth (normal gravity) and aerospace conditions (low gravity).



Heat Transfer Mechanism in LED Packages

With the rapid replacement of incandescent light bulbs by Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), the thermal management of LEDs has become even a greater necessity.  Prior to devising cooling schemes to keep the LEDs running cool, understanding the fundamental heat transfer mechanism in an LED package is a must.  Tis article discuss a fundamental issue of the underlying heat transfer mechanism in LEDs.



A Heat Sink with an Integrated Heat Pipe

An unusual heat sink was built recently by researchers seeking to create a cooling solution for high power applications.  The researchers’ approach was to use heat pipe technology, but apply it in a radically different way, in order to optimize performance and minimize weight and size.  This article explores the pros and cons of this heat pipe-heat sink.



Common Materials Used in Thermal Management

There are several tradeoffs to the advanced materials used in lowering junction temperatures, weight and size, and increasing performance/reliability, and dimensional stability available in the market place today.  Designers need to utilize every aspect of the design to transfer heat in any way possible.  This article explores some of the challenges entailed in designing solutions.


Cooling News

New products, services and events from around the industry.