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Table of Contents - January 2012

Current Issues

January 2012



Jet Impingement Cooling by Using FC-72

Jet impingement is one of the most efficient solutions for cooling hot electronic devices, as it can create a very high heat transfer rate on an impacting surface. Direct cooling of high-power chips, by using jet impingement via dielectric liquids, shows great potential even though its implementations are more complicated than traditional air and liquid impingement cooling methods.


Blockage Effect on the Performance of Fans

With the increase of power dissipation, number of circuits and shrinking real state in electronics packages, the available open area for fans has to be compromised to maintain adequate space for electronics. This reduction in available space for fans can have a profound effect on the performance of the fans. Blockage at the inlet or outlet of the fans can drastically change the performance curve from that given in the manufacturer’s data sheet.


Are More Efficient Heat Sinks Really More Costly?

The question arises, why pay more for a higher-efficient heat sink that is also smaller and lighter in weight, especially in cases whereby a simple, larger but heavier cast or extruded heat sink can also do the job? In most cases, the single-piece part price is the main driver as to why engineers and purchasers stay with lesser effective solutions.  This is generally because they believe that they are saving money for the company in the long-run.  But, is this really true?


Cooling News

New products and services from around the industry.


Industry Patents Update

A sampling of recently-awarded US patents for products and processes in electronics thermal management.


Upcoming Thermal Management Events

A listing of upcoming events of interest to the thermal management community.