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Qpedia Thermal eMagazine was launched in 2007 as a monthly newsletter focused on the thermal management of electronics. Now in its 9th year of publication, Qpedia is a highly respected monthly magazine that is distributed at no charge to over 18,000 engineers. Written and published by the engineers of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Qpedia is a technical resource to help the engineering community solve the most challenging thermal problems. Each issue provides practical approaches to thermal management challenges and explains the new technologies for successfully cooling today and tomorrow’s hot-running electronics.

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Table of Contents - October 2014

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October 2014

In This Issue:

Heat Transfer Calculations of a Thermosyphon

A thermosyphon is a simple device that can be used to transfer large amounts of heat without moving parts. The limitations of the device are similar to those of a traditional heat pipe with a wicking structure, but thermosyphons provide cost savings over common heat pipes. This article will discuss heat transfer calculations that can be used for thermosyphon pipe selection.

Data Center Hybrid Cooling: A Cost Saving Method

Data centers are the core of the information economy, representing government and academic institutions, financial, medical, media and high-tech industries. However, accelerating power consumption, environmental concerns and the cost of energy have created the need for change in data center design and thermal management. This article discusses the benefits of hybrid cooling compared to traditional air cooling of data centers.

Industry Developments: Porous Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are typically made from non-porous materials that are impermeable to water, air and other fluids, most commonly aluminum and copper. However, studies and applications have shown that porosity features can provide better heat sink performance. This article discusses recent developments on heat sinks that are made from semi-porous materials or with porous coatings.

Technology Review: Application of Phonons in Heat Transfer Devices

In this issue our spotlight is the application of phonons in heat transfer devices. There is much discussion about its deployment in the electronics industry and these patents show some of the salient features that are the focus of different inventors.

Cooling News

The latest product releases and news from around the electronics cooling industry.