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The Online Publication and Book Series Dedicated to the Thermal Management of Electronics

Qpedia Thermal eMagazine was launched in 2007 as a monthly newsletter focused on the thermal management of electronics. Now in its 9th year of publication, Qpedia is a highly respected monthly magazine that is distributed at no charge to over 18,000 engineers. Written and published by the engineers of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., Qpedia is a technical resource to help the engineering community solve the most challenging thermal problems. Each issue provides practical approaches to thermal management challenges and explains the new technologies for successfully cooling today and tomorrow’s hot-running electronics.

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Table of Contents - May 2011

Current Issues

May 2011



ATCA Standards For Thermo-Mechanical Considerations

This is a basic  overview of ATCA and provides a summary of some off the essential standards as well.  It begins with a brief review of  PICMG’s introduction of ATCA in  2002, and then goes on to discuss the key standards and/or requisite dimensions for boards, blades, shelf, subrack and chassis.  In addition, there is a presentation of the typical guidelines for air temperature and pressure drops.


Miniature Refrigerator For A Laptop

As integrated circuits (ICs) have to provide increased functionality and computational power through a greater number of transistors in smaller and smaller packages, the removal of heat dissipated by these electronic chips has become a serious challenge in the design of portable and other space-limited electronic devices.  This article explores some of the cooling options.


Thermal Simulation and Management of a 3D Stacked Chip

As new generations of electronic devices are required for more functions, connectivity, versatility, and less weight, their sizes keep diminishing.  These put enormous pressure on the chip design, device package and thermal management of such devices.


JEDEC: Review Of Standards On Compact Thermal Modeling

This article focuses on the thermal management of electronics and the JEDEC standard JC-15: “Thermal Characterization Techniques for Semiconductor Packages”.  The scope of JC-15 includes the standardization of thermal characterization techniques, both testing (JED51) and modeling (JESD15) for electronic packages.


Cooling News

New products, services and events from around the industry.