Mentor Grapics Webinar: Heat Sink 201 – Even More About Heatsink Design; 5/19 & 5/20 11AM taught by Dr. John Parry, CEng

Another great webinar is coming up on how to design a heat sink. This time it’s sponsored by Mentor Graphics and taught by Dr. John Parry. Entitled, “Heat Sink 201 – Even More About Heatsink Design” You can register to attend either on 5/19 or on 5/20 at 11AM.

Mentor provides a description of their course:

In this webinar we will discuss how manufacturer’s data is obtained, and why this may not be applicable for use in design by showing a simple example of how a heatsink interacts locally with the surrounding airflow.

We will illustrate why heatsinks are not as simple to use as they first appear, and why they should be designed for a particular application. We will also talk more about the myths surrounding heatsinks and their application, and give some practical advice concerning heatsink design and attachment. The presentation will conclude by looking at different optimization strategies for heatsink design.

At ATS we couldn’t agree more. This is a terrific topic. As we’ve noted in past posts here, such as our post, “The Fallacy of the Drop-In Replacement Heat Sink” a heat sink is not necessarily a heat sink. And the published data isn’t always accurate.

There are a number of vectors of influence in heat sink design and application. For example, the TIM (thermal interface material) and attachment method can have dramatic effects on the thermal efficiency. In our testing here in ATS’s Thermal Labs, we’ve found that a simple straight fin heat sink can have a significantly better thermal performance when a proper attachment method and phase change material TIM are used.

You can register for Mentor Graphics webinar at the following link: “Heat Sink 201 – even more about heat sink design“.

Should you find you need help designing your next generation heat sink or thermal management solution ATS’s world class design team, deep CFD capability and Tier 1 class thermal development lab can lend you a hand. Click through to learn more about ATS Thermal Management Design Consulting Services or tell us a bit about your project through our on-line project submission: Thermal Design On-Line Project Request.

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