ATS maxiGRIP is flame retardent and our engineers prove it on video!

From time to time ATS engineers are asked if maxiGRIP, our patented heat sink attach technology that allow phase change interface material to be properly used, can resist  high heat.

Would ATS design something that didn’t pass every possible, necessary rating – never.  We can’t bring ourselves to design it poorly.  We know that thermal management is not just an afterthought and that it can make or break a system performance.

So, to prove our point, we’ve produced this short video on maxiGRIP and a simple flame test.  It’s a simple video of what happens when you use heat stress maxiGRIP.  Enjoy!  I think you can guess the outcome: .

Click to our link to buy your own heatsinks with maxiGRIP by visiting our maxiFLOW/maxiGRIP product page at

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