A liquid cooling system for thermal management of desktops hits the mark: An ATS thermal management technology analysis

liquid cooling from Asetek seen at heatsinks.wordpress.comGizMag, an online magazine covering invention, innovation and emerging technologies, reported on a very cool find from Asetek, liquid cooling for a desktop computer that is both innovative and usable. ATS’s thermal team did a bit of paper analysis on their design and feel that, Asetek has done a wonderful job by first developing a low profile pump with adequate pressure drop and flow rate to accommodate their design requirements, and secondly, provide excellent packaging to deliver the high-speed computing in a very slick and ergonomically attractive desktop computer.

The design is nicely done and there are a couple of areas worthy for Asetek engineering to expand on the rear of the monitor and its support are used as intake of cooler air and exhaust of the heated air through the heat exchanger. Because of its random use at customer premises, there is a high possibility of such vents being blocked accidentally. Such accidental blockages or reduction of cross sectional area by insects or other means will adversely impact thermal performance and may create significant slow down of the computer to its eventual failure. It will be worthy to know how this issue, that plays a pivotal role in the performance of the design, is addressed by the engineering team.

We must also add that Asetek approach exemplifies excellence in product development and R&D. They clearly had a vision of what the final product was supposed to do and look like. They put together a focused R&D effort to develop the technology and the design infrastructure required to materialize this concept. We applaud them for such an accomplishment and wish them success in market introduction of this product.

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