ATS Thermal Labs video shows how their superGRIP Heat Sink Clip-On Attachment works

We’ve released a video that demonstrates how our superGRIP Heat Sink clip-on attachment system works. It shows how an industry clip works and then how superGRIP works. Both have their application niche certainly but isn’t nice to know there’s a clip out there that allows thermal engineers to:

  • Provides tight, secure heat sink attachment in shock and vibration environments
  • Occupies minimal area around chip, allowing its use in densely populated PCBs
  • Allows the heat sink to be detached and reattached without damaging the component or the PCB
  • Strong, uniform attachment force helps achieve maximum performance from phase-changing TIMs

If you have questions on if superGRIP is right for you, or just want to purchase them or ask for samples, you can visit our superGRIP products page or drop us some mail at

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