ATS Webinar Archive On Best Heat Sink Materials

We’ve seen a lot of search activity here at ATS’s Electronics Cooling blog for “best heat sink material”. As our reader’s have seen, we have quite a bit of excellent material on that topic and we have a webinar in our archives you might like as well.

Heat Sink Materials: Choices and Tradeoffs is a presentation on heat sink materials, particularly advanced ones, that our readers should listen to as well.  It’s an informative presentation given by a colleague of Dr. Kaveh Azar’s, Dr. Carl Zweben. You’ll be very glad you listened.

Best of all, the cost is free, and part of ATS’s continued drive to support the thermal engineering community.

But, if our information is not quite enough to help you, contact us and let’s see how ATS thermal engineers can make your next project a success! Email us at , call us at 781-769-2800 or visit our Design Services

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