Free White Paper on Air/Liquid Cooling for Checking out ATS’s Big Green Button

Today we are excited to announce our new heat sink request tool on Just click on any Big Green Button like this one, anywhere you see it, to bring you to our new tool:

Heat Sink Request Tool Big Green Button
EVERY heat sink on our site is now proudly sporting our new  Big Green Button with good reason.  ATS’s team wants to make sure finding your best heat sink is as easy as possible, even for your most challenging thermal management application.

When you click on our Big Green Button, you’ll be brought to the tool. On it, you’ll see a web form:

ATS Heat Sink Request Tool

The form helps guide you through a typical question process to determine key requirements necessary to get you the right heat sink. These include important facts such as:

  1. Heat Sink height, length and width
  2. System Airflow velocity
  3. The air temperature
  4. Power dissipation of the target semiconductor
  5. Desired device temperature
  6. Name, company and email

Just a few short questions and we’ll get  you going with a heat sink good for your application or at a minimum as a starting point for your research.

AND if you click on our Big Green Button to check out our new heat sink request tool we’ll send you a free white paper, “Air/Liquid Cooling”. This paper is filled with valuable information on the integration of air and liquid cooling and how to know when it’s time to make the switch.



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