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A “best kept secret” about Advanced Thermal Solutions is our contract manufacturing services. That’s right, ATS does contract manufacturing on a very wide variety of materials in both our rapid prototyping facility in Norwood MA and in our high volume facility in China. ATS has been doing contract manufacturing on various materials for many years, but, up to now, we haven’t talked much about it.  The reason? Our customers. They were the ones who let us know we were doing an incredible job and urged us to let others know. So this week that is what we’ll be doing here at ATS’s electronics cooling blog.

Here’s a brief list of our capabilities:


– Aluminum
-Stainless Steel

Our Norwood MA facility does the rapid prototyping and low volume production, here is a list of our equipment:

Machining Center

-vertical mills 40 X 20
-vertical mill 36 X 16
-CNC vertical mill 28 x 16
-CNC horizontal mill with dual 16 X 16 rotary pallets
-Manual vertical knee mills 9 x 50
-Mill/drill 28-1/2 X 8-1/4
-Manual horizontal knee mill 14 X 62
-Manual horizontal bed mill 11-3/8 X 51-5/8
-Manual Lathe 7 X 40

Saws & Shears

– Foot shear 36 x 16 Ga.
-Power shear 52 X 12 Ga.
-Table saws 10
-Vertical bandsaw 16 x 39
-Horizontal bandsaw 12-3/4 X 12-3/4 with automatic feed
-Chop saw 10


What else we got?
We have lots of stuff to talk about, but, rather than discuss the parts and pieces of our rapid prototyping and high volume manufacturing, its’ better to talk about examples, and we’ll be doing some of that this week here on ATS’s blog. In addition, we’ll be highlighting a very important engineering article on how to manufacture cold plates.

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