Benchtop Wind Tunnel Can Produce High Flows of Warm Air for Thermal Testing

The CLWT-115 research quality, closed loop wind tunnel from ATS can generate air flows from ambient to 85°C and a rate of up to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min) for thermally characterizing PCBs and individual components.

The new CLWT-115 wind tunnel from Advanced Thermal Solutions facilitates thermal management studies of electronic components by providing controllable air flows at controllable air temperatures. These features allow faster evaluation of elevated temperatures on component and PCB response and reliability. The CLWT-115 wind tunnel offers a convenient, accurate system for thermally characterizing PCBs and individual components at controlled temperatures from ambient to 85°C.

The new wind tunnel creates consistent, low turbulence air flows of up to 5 m/s (1000 ft/min). It can be customized to generate flows up to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min) using optionally available orifice plates. The instrument has a clear Lexan test section lets the user view the test specimen and allows for flow visualization.

Because of its closed loop design, the CLWT-115 recirculates internal air. The system heater can quickly warm the air to a specific temperature. This feature is ideal for testing boards and components in hot air, which is a requirement in some NEBS standards. The CLWT-115 wind tunnel can also be used for testing heat sink performance and for calibrating air and temperature sensors.

The CLWT-115 features a test section that can be open from the top door or sides for mounting and repositioning of boards, components and sensors. Rail guides provide an easy mechanism to install test specimens of different sizes (e.g., PCB, heat sink).
Instrument ports (6) are provided in the side walls of the test section for placing temperature and velocity sensors including thermocouples and hotwire

To learn more about the CLWT-115 benchtop wind tunnel, visit Qats.CLWT-115

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