ATS Has a New Website!

In effort to make it easier for engineers to find heat sinks, instruments and other products for cooling hot electronics, ATS has redesigned, focusing on improving usability in every aspect, from part searching to page navigation to uncluttered design.

Thousands of new heat sinks have been added, with easy to use heat sink selection tools. The ATS online ordering storefront, eShop, provides more specifications, and multiple parts can be viewed in grid or list form per user preference. The eShop check out process is redesigned for faster ordering.

Proper heat sink choices can be found using selection tools for specific component part number and manufacturers, such as Altera, Freescale, Intel, and Lattice. Solutions can also be found by heat sink type, such as cross cut, straight fin, or maxiFLOW or by the needed attachment method, such as maxiGRIP, superGRIP, Push Pin, or Thermal Tape. If the specific dimensions are needed to meet application requirements, heat sink dimensions including length,width and height can be sorted with ease. Thermal performance, schematic drawings, product images, datasheets, RoHS certificates are all included and updated in the new design as well.

Along with heat sinks, the new simplifies scanning and comparing all ATS instrument lines for thermal management. These include wind tunnels, sensors and devices for measuring temperature and air velocity. All of the newest ATS instruments can be reviewed, including the newest devices for measuring air pressure and airflow in electronic enclosures.

New pages on better show all ATS services for electronic device cooling, from thermal characterization to high volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping of parts. continues to feature the current issue of Qpedia, the thermal eMagazine published each month by ATS engineers. The new site offers fast access to all Qpedia technical articles published over the past six years, with an enhanced Qpedia search feature. The Qpedia Book Series, Volumes 1-4, can noq be purchased through Google, Amazon, and ATS’ eSHOP.

Finally, ATS added more FAQ tools to its product pages to help engineers better match their cooling needs with ATS thermal management products.

Engineers are invited to visit and experience a website that matches the companys constant push for high quality innovations on behalf of their customers. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us by phone at 781-769-2800 or email at

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