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Qpedia Thermal eMagazine, Volume 7, Issue 5, has just been released and can be downloaded at: http://www.qats.com/Qpedia-Thermal-eMagazine/Back-Issues.

Featured articles in this issue include:

Next Generation Processor Cooling and Power Trends

CMOS semiconductor technology has been faithfully following Moore’s Law for several decades now. This Law states that the number of transistors per unit area doubles about every year [1]. This trend is likely to continue in the foreseable future. In addition, two other technical trends will accompany the roadmap of future processors: manycore chip multiprocessors and 3D integration. This article presents a review of recent predictions for future 2D and 3D manycore processors architectures.

Thermal Performance of Thin Flat Heat Pipes

As the demands for faster, smaller and multifunctional mobile devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, and netbooks, keep increasing, both system and electronic engineers are trying to integrate more functional models into smaller and thinner devices. This has forced thermal engineers into looking for more innovative and effective passive methods to cool semiconductor devices with their increasing power density. Thin flat heat pipes, whose thickness is less than 1.5 mm, have found more applications on mobile devices and certainly drawn more attention from researchers.

Industry Developments: Smartphone Cooling Systems

With increasingly processor-intensive apps being used on mobile devices, the steadily powerful chipsets in smartphones are running hotter than ever. Many desktop computers and larger, powerful computing systems use water cooling to keep their CPUs from overheating. Now smaller versions of these cooling systems are being employed in warm smart phones. While NEC was the first major smartphone company to launch a liquid-embedded smartphone, other manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung Electronics and HTC are likely to soon follow in 2013.

Technology Review: Air Delivery Systems Utilizing Piezofan or Standard Fans

In this issue our spotlight is on air delivery systems using piezo and standard fans. There is much discussion about this and these patents show some of the salient features that are the focus of different inventors.

Cooling News featuring the latest product releases and buzz from around the electronics cooling industry.

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