NASA Tech Briefs Chooses the iQ-200 as their Product of the Month for July

NASA Tech Briefs Product of Month, iQ-200  When we heard the “out of this world” news about our iQ-200 being chosen product of the month, we were very excited.    You can see the full NASA Tech Briefs article here but here’s a quick snippet:

The iQ-200™ instrument from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Norwood, MA, measures the temperatures of solid materials and surrounding air, while also tracking air velocity and air pressure. Measurements are taken simultaneously at multiple points to profile heat sinks, PCBs, and card racks for testing and characterization.

While the iQ-200 is a very flexible instrument input wise, the software included software is an important part of making all the pieces work together.

The software is called, IQstage, it manages incoming data from various sensors and provides a rich graphical presentation of the results.   This happens automatically, saving time since it automates the process of data collection and reporting.

Learn more about the iQ-200 here: iQ-200 Product Page

Our brief video shows the full capability of the iQ-200:

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