Some Help for Thermal Engineers Working in Automotive

Think about thermal management of automotive electronics like this:   A control system you’ve carefully engineered is subjected to grime, dirt, mud, crazy temperature cycles, flooding rain and no maintenance.  Oh and it has to work every time it is turned on, regardless of the condition.  That’s thermal management of automotive electronics.

We wrote on this topic a couple of times in our Qpedia Thermal eMagazine.  We also published an article in EE Times on this topic.  For the thermal engineer new to that space, they can form helpful primers on the topic.

Siemens PLM is weighing in with their own thoughts on this topic with a free webinar tomorrow, July 15th.  As the Siemens team notes, “systems integration is one of the current challenges faced by car manufacturers and suppliers, especially in the field of engine thermal management.” We couldn’t agree more! You can hear and see their thoughts on this topic by registering at their webinar here: “Siemens 7/15 Webinar on Automotive Thermal Management”.

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