How to Find Board Level Heat Sinks Fast with ATS’s New Search Tool

Where does one start to look for a heat sink?

Typically for most buyers and engineers, they open Google (or Bing), type the heat sink type they want, like board level heat sink, into the search box and see what appears.  And what does appear exactly?

Usually what appears is a lengthy SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of suppliers for the heat sink being searched for.   That’s alot of material to go through frankly, at last count at 5PM EST here at ATS’s Boston R&D Campus, 4,680,000 different entries.

At ATS we have a more innovative way to approach finding the right heat sink. Just come to and use our new quick heat sink search tool.   Its right at the top of every web page you visit.   Here is what it looks like:

ATS Quick Heat Sink Search

You just type in the basic dimensions of the heat sink  you need and up pops a variety of solutions with instant links to datasheets, pricing and more.  Our 1 minute video shows you how it works

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