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Improving Fin Efficiency with Thermosyphons

In electronics cooling applications, the heat sink geometry is typically decided by card-to-card spacing, resulting in height restrictions and therefore high fin efficiencies in the range of 80-90%. Because of this, fin efficiency has yet to be fully explored. This article will discuss the use of thermosyphons as one method for improving fin efficiency and improving the heat sink’s thermal performance.

Heat Flux Measurement for Zhaga Standardized LED Light Engines

The Zhaga consortium, a worldwide organization, aims to standardize LED light engines. Standardization is essential when there is the need to ensure exchangeability of LED based Luminaires. Zhaga consortium is working to develop standard specifications for the various interfaces of LED light engines. A complete interface consists of the description of Mechanical, Optical, Electrical and Thermal specifications. In this article we will focus on one aspect that is covered in the thermal interface specification.

Industry Developments: Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are found in a variety of environments. In electronics cooling, the outward portion of a heat exchanger uses either ambient air or water in the cooling process. A heat exchanger can’t cool an enclosure or a device below the temperature of the air or water, so its vital to anticipate worst-case scenarios in order to ensure proper cooling. This article discusses air-to-air and liquid-to-air indoor and outdoor heat exchangers for a variety of electronics cooling applications.

Technology Review: Heat Pipes in Heat Exchangers

Qpedia reviews innovative technologies developed for electronics cooling applications. This section presents selected patents that were awarded to developers around the world to address cooling challenges. In this issue our spotlight is on application of heat pipes in heat exchangers and its application in the thermal management industry.

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