Qpedia Issue 95 Introduces New “Fundamentals” section

Qpedia | Issue 95 Cover

Qpedia Thermal eMagazine, Issue 95, has just been released! Download the Issue.

Fundamentals: Basic Definition of Thermal Resistance

In addition to the standard featured articles, industry developments, technology review and cooling news that are featured every month, Qpedia has introduced a new section called “Fundamentals”. This new section will review fundamental thermal engineering principles, calculations and equations that are needed for the successful cooling of electronics. This issue focuses on thermal resistance, a vital component of heat transfer.

The full contents of Issue 95:

Measuring Heat Flux from a Component on a PCB

It is vital to understand heat dissipation from electronic components during their operation in order to properly design the cooling system and selection of the appropriate heat removal methodologies. Heat dissipation from a component in an electronic package not only influences its own performance but also affects the performance of neighboring components, leading to their failure. This article will discuss a new method of measuring the heat flux from a component on a PCB.

Design Parameters in Immersion Cooling

Two phase immersion cooling can be a viable option to cool power electronics and high performance computers. However, non-thermal aspects play a significant role in the proper functioning of the system. This article will review these parameters that thermal engineers need to understand in order for a successful implementation of two phase immersion cooling technology.

Industry Developments: Cooling With Lasers

While electronics inside laser systems may require thermal management, lasers may also one day have a major role in cooling electronic components. Such developments are already underway, as researches are hoping laser cooling could lead to a new form of computer chip that could cool itself on its own. This article will discuss the promosing future that lasers have in the electronics cooling field.


Technology Review: Mobile Device Thermal Management

Qpedia reviews innovative technologies developed for electronics cooling applications. This section presents selected patents that were awarded to developers around the world to address cooling challenges. In this issue our spotlight is on the thermal management of mobile devices.

Cooling News

Qpedia reviews the latest technology, products and events from around the electronics cooling industry.

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