100th Issue of Qpedia Published!


Qpedia Thermal eMagazine has just published its 100th Issue. Featured articles in this issue include:

Heat Sink Base Spreading Resistance Optimization for Achieving Better Thermal Performance

The goal of any electronic cooling solution is to lower the component junction temperature and thus maximize heat sink performance by reducing the spread resistance and fin resistance. This article will discuss an analytical model for how to select a heat sink so that maximum thermal performance can be achieved.

Rethinking Thermocouples: Creating Micro-Scale High Precision Sensors

Although thermocouples are suitable for standard thermal measurements, there can be a margin of error of 1°C. Sensors however, have an extremely fast response time to temperature changes allowing a measurement accuracy of 0.1°C. This article shows how using sensors instead of thermocouples is the optimal choice in certain thermal management situations.

Technical Note: Effect of Vacuum and Fill Ratio on the Performance of Heat Pipes

In this new section, Qpedia reviews fundamental thermal engineering principles, calculations and equations needed for the successful cooling of electronics. In this issue we discuss a heat pipe’s performance as a function of a liquid fill ratio and vacuum.

Industry Developments: Thermal Imaging Cameras

Though invisible to the eye, thermal radiation can be detected by thermal imaging cameras, also called thermographic or infrared cameras. In the engineering industry, these cameras allow one to view, pinpoint and analyze differing thermal patterns, including heat transfer and location of hot spots on a PCB, chip or any electronic device. This article reviews the latest developments and types of thermal imaging products available on the market.

Technology Review: Liquid Cooling Devices

Qpedia reviews innovative technologies developed for electronics cooling applications. This section presents selected patents that were awarded to developers around the world to address cooling challenges.In this issue our spotlight is on liquid cooling devices.

Cooling News

The latest technology, products, and news from around the electronics cooling industry.

Also included in this special issue is an editorial from Qpedia’s founder Dr. Kaveh Azar. Download the issue.

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