Thermal Management of High-Powered Servers

While power demands have increased, engineers are tasked with placing more components into smaller spaces. This has led to increased importance for optimizing the thermal management of servers and other high-powered devices to ensure proper performance and achieve the expected lifespan.

This article brings together content that ATS has posted over the years about cooling high-powered servers from the device- to the environment-level. (Wikimedia Commons)

With server cooling taking on increased priority, there are several ways of approaching the problem of thermal management, including device-level solutions, system-level solutions, and even environment-level solutions.

Over the years, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has posted many articles related to this topic. Click the links below to read more about how the industry is managing the heat for servers:

  • Industry Developments: Cabinet Cooling Solutions – Although their applications vary, a common issue within these enclosures is excess heat, and the danger it poses to their electronics. This heat can be generated by internal sources and intensified by heat from outside environments.
  • Effective cooling of high-powered CPUs on dense server boards – Optimizing PCB for thermal management has been shown to ensure reliability, speed time to market and reduce overall costs. With proper design, all semiconductor devices on a PCB will be maintained at or below their maximum rated temperature. 

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