Our Custom Zipper Fin Heat Sinks feature No NRE and No MOQ

If you have a project that requires:

  • A custom heat sink
  • Might need a copper or aluminum base
  • Maybe includes a vapor chamber or heat pipes

Then our Zipper Fin Heat Sinks would likely meet your projects need.

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks with no NRE and no MOQ for custom heat sink opportunities

They require no NRE as we have pre-tooled the zipper fins and no MOQ – start with a few protos, tweak your design, or let us do it, and reach your ideal solution from there.

For more information see our web page on Zipper Fins or email us at ats-hq@qats.com

One response to “Our Custom Zipper Fin Heat Sinks feature No NRE and No MOQ

  1. Hello there,
    We have a requirement for a foil-fin heatsink. Would you please supply details for someone to talk with to explore or requirements to see if this is something that QTS can help use with?
    We have a small annual quantity, say around 50 per annum, for an aluminium plate based design with fins around 13mm in height.
    You indicate that there is no NRE together with no MOQ – it would be interesting to look at this and see what the impact is for our design.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    David Powell

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