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ATS Power Solutions on Display at APEC 2018

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) recently attended APEC 2018 in San Antonio to showcase the company’s thermal solutions for power electronics, meet with industry representatives, and learn the latest trends in the power industry.

ATS has been a member of the PSMA (Power Sources Manufacturers Association), which is the sponsoring organization for APEC, for the past three years because ATS has a strong connection to the power industry and extensive expertise in keeping the industry cool.

ATS Power Solutions

Product Engineering Manager is interviewed about ATS cold plates by Alix Paultre, the Power Editor at Aspencore, in the ATS booth at APEC 2018 in San Antonio. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

Vice-President of Sales and Business Development Steve Nolan and Product Engineering Manager Greg Wong manned the ATS booth during the show and took visits from sales representatives, distributors, and engineers from across the industry, some were familiar faces and some were learning about ATS expertise in thermal management of power electronics for the first time.

The highlighted products were ATS liquid cold plates, which boast 30% better thermal performance than comparable products on the market and are easily customizable to meet a variety of applications, and the line of ATS high-performance round and flat heat pipes, which is expanding by the end of 2018 to give ATS the broadest offering of off-the-shelf heat pipes on the market.

“When people start having thermal issues, it’s because they’re dissipating a lot of power and then you start to need things like heat pipes and liquid cold plates,” said Wong. “In most of these applications, people are talking about custom designs, which is where we have a lot of strength working with the customer and designing these custom applications.”

ATS cold plates were also featured in the Texas Instruments (TI) booth as part of a “98.5% efficiency, 6.6-kW Totem-Pole PFC Reference Design for HEV/EV Onboard Charger.” The base of the design was silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs with a C2000 microcontroller with SiC-isolated gate drivers, according to information presented by TI.

Underneath the prototype that was on display at the TI booth was a custom ATS cold plate to meet the charger’s thermal requirements.

ATS cold plates were on display at the TI booth, as a thermal solution for a new TI design. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

“It’s a great example of how we can customize our cold plates to meet a particular application,” Wong added. “A lot of people were taking pictures of that piece at the TI booth and a lot of people were talking with TI about it. The booth was mobbed every time I went over there.” 

ATS participation in the TI booth at APEC 2018 is a continuation of the strong working relationship between the two companies. ATS has also been a key reference design supplier of heat sink solutions for TI’s audio evaluation module.

Wong and Nolan also learned a lot about the future of power electronics, including the prevalence of SiC and gallium nitride (GaN) components in the industry and the increasing popularity of liquid cooling, to keep ATS current on industry trends and ensure that the innovative thermal solutions that ATS provides can meet ever-rising power demands.

While there is a lot that is new in the industry, IGBT designs continue to be popular and the standard IGBT footprint matches perfectly with ATS off-the-shelf cold plates to make an easy fit for engineers designing liquid cooling solutions.

“If people are still making devices in that IGBT footprint then it will bolt directly to the cold plate, which is good news because that package is very popular, so it’s good to have those standard products,” Wong explained.

Watch the video below as Greg Wong of ATS was interviewed by Alix Paultre of Power Electronics News at APEC 2018 about ATS heat pipes and cold plates.

ATS has the expertise, products, and resources to provide off-the-shelf and customized thermal solutions for the power electronics industry. Learn more about the full line of products at or contact ATS at

ATS Showcasing Thermal Solutions for Power Electronics at APEC 2018

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a leading-edge thermal engineering and manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics, is pleased to announce that it will be showcasing its new line of liquid cold plates and other thermal solutions for power electronics in Booth No. 1738 at APEC 2018, the world’s premier event for applied power electronics, being held in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas from March 4-8.

APEC 2018

ATS will have a video demonstration and samples of its newly-released liquid cold plates, which boast an innovative, internal fin array with an optimized aspect ratio that provides 30 percent better performance than other commercially-available cold plates currently on the market.

ATS cold plates are the perfect thermal solution for power electronics, such as IGBT, wide-bandgap, and more.

“Even as power supplies and power ICs increase in efficiency, challenging thermal issues remain,” said Steve Nolan, ATS Vice-President of Sales and Business Development. “There is a demand for more power across the industry and ATS is committed to supporting the electronics industry with the right solutions in the varied component and end-markets on the market today, whether its cooling for IBGT, emerging wide-bandgap, power bricks, CPUs, BGAs or more.”

He added, “APEC provides us the opportunity to share our solutions with these manufacturers, as well as discuss how we can help with any of their future needs.”

ATS cold plates are the perfect solution for cooling high-powered electronics, such as IGBT modules. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

Cold plates are part of an array of liquid cooling solutions that ATS has to offer, including heat exchangers with the industry’s highest density fins to optimize heat transfer and a line of chillers for precise control of coolant temperature.

In addition to its liquid cooling solutions for power electronics, ATS will also showcase its popular Power Brick heat sinks, which are based on the patented maxiFLOW™ design and specially designed for cooling 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full-brick DC/DC power converters. ATS has added a straight-fin option to its line of power brick heat sinks to give power engineers an option with a smaller footprint for crowded boards.

ATS has straight-fin heat sinks as part of its Power Brick line to give additional cooling options for power engineers. (Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.)

ATS will also display samples of its vast array of high-performance flat and round heat pipes that are perfect for spreading heat away from high-powered components, particularly in boards that have high component-density and little space for other cooling methods.

Visit ATS at Booth No. 1738 at APEC 2018 and join Steve Nolan and Product Engineering Manager Greg Wong to learn more about the numerous thermal solutions that ATS has designed for the power electronics industry.

Find more information about ATS liquid cold plates, Power Brick heat sinks, or ATS consulting and design services, at or contact

ATS at APEC206 in the Digi-Key Booth, Spot 1663

We’re at and hope to see you! See us booth 1663. We’ll have our design kit on display.  Our design kit features our family of power brick heat sinks specifically designed for electronics cooling of power bricks.  You can learn more about the line at this link to our Power Brick Heat Sink page.

ATS at APEC 2016 at DigiKey Booth 1663

Thermal Challenges and Solutions for Industrial Solid State Lighting Applications

ATS will be at APEC 2016 in Long Beach California on March 20-24th.  Our Sr. Director of Product Development, Peter Resca will be speaking on “Thermal Challenges and Solutions for Industrial Solid State Lighting Applications” and he’ll be chairing the thermal track at APEC 2016.  Here’s a synopsis of what Peter will be talking about at APEC:

The focus of this presentation is to describe the challenges of thermal management in Industrial lighting applications, the implications of temperature stress on the system, a practical guide to identifying the problem and various methods to resolve the issue.

The emergence of LED technology has changed the shape of the lighting industry. The implementation of LED applications allows the designers to take advantage of several key characteristics of the technology. This includes energy efficiency and the ability to control the direction, color, timing, etc. of the light source itself. These attributes can be particularly effective in industrial and commercial applications where harsh environments, building automation controls and cost of deployment may be different than consumer fixtures.

Light emitting diodes are semiconductor devices and thus they have the benefits and limitations of such devices. The benefits include optimum energy efficiencies, volume manufacturing and hi package density. One key factor in deployment is how to efficiently dissipate the power produced. Lack of attention to thermal stress can lead to many undesirable results. Performance can be impacted as an LED spectrum can change as a factor of heat. Color change can cause issues in fixtures for color matching and design elements. Temperature stress is also the key contributing factor to failure mechanisms. Poor thermal management therefore can affect fixture life, time to replacement and visual quality, if portions of the LED matrix age prematurely.
Computational Analysis of an LED Light

To identify the challenges and address the concerns it is helpful to begin with a full model of the application. This can start at the outside environment, to the enclosure, the PCB, the LED package and the die. Additionally it is helpful to consider how power is dissipated including conduction, convection and radiation. With the problem defined and the available paths known, an optimized solution can be developed. There are multiple variables to the equation, but by identifying the dominant factor a resistance network can then be developed which will lead to a solution that can be validated analytically, computationally and experimentally.

Experimental test setup for LED thermal management

The thermal management of solid state lighting has unique challenges when deployed for industrial and commercial installations. Replacement cost can be high if accessibility is limited. The application may require high intensity or large coverage which increases the overall dissipation, often in a small package. Frequently, the environment is a critical design factor with outdoor implementations requiring consideration of solar loading and sealed enclosures. Finally, there is an increase in building automation which can add an element of sensing, communication and computing control in the light head to be considered which is equally sensitive to the local ambient. (Note: A simple case study illustrating the process will be provided as part of the presentation)

The solid state lighting market continues to grow and allow for increasingly sophisticated applications. It is critically important that design and system engineers understand the challenge and are equipped to address these concerns. With careful analysis of the environment, calculation of the source, examination of the options and implementation of the solution, engineers can take advantage of LEDs to improve current applications while exploring new markets for the technology.

We hope to see everyone there!  At APEC 2016, Our session code is IS05 our Location is 201A and the Thermal Track will be on March 23, from 8:30AM to 10:10AM

ATS Chairs Thermal Management Track at the APEC 2016

APEC 2016 Logo Are you going to the Applied Power Electronics Conference in Long Beach, CA?   If so we’ll see you there!  ATS’s Peter Resca, our Sr. Director of Product Development, will be speaking and ATS is chairing the Thermal Management Track at APEC.

Mr. Resca will be speaking on Thermal Management of LED lighting, a critical part of an LED light.   You can see him and ATS at location 201A on Wednesday, March 23, 20167 from 8:30AM to 10:30AM.

If  you cannot make it to APEC to see Peter’s talk, we’ve got a resource designed around thermal management of LED lighting.  It is our LED Cooling Design Kit.  Click here for free access to our kit.   And if you are going to APEC, drop us some email at so we can connect up and say hi!