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Check out the new and improved LED Cooling Resource Kit

ATS, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc, has compiled several expert technical resources for thermally managing LED lighting. The Expert Resource Kit for Better Thermal Management of LED Lighting is compendium of free downloadable information.

The Kit is specifically for thermal management professionals in the LED lighting industry and for engineers who are responsible for ensuring the proper performance of LED designs.

Included in the Resource Kit are:

  • LED Heat Transfer and Cooling Options: Lighting the Way for LED Development
  • Mentor Graphics Webinar (free registration required): Diagnosing and Solving Thermal Challenges in Next Generation LED
  • ATS Case Study: Feasibility Study of an LED-Based Lighting System Using Analytical Modeling
  • ATS Article: How to Cool High Power LEDs
  • Clemens Lasance Lecture on LED Thermal Management: Thermal Management for LED Applications: What is the Role of the PCB?
  • Clemens Lasance, Michael Gay, Norm Berry, Richard A. Wessel on MCPCBs for LED Applications:MCPCBs for LED Applications, Thermal Management Material Specifications
  • Dr. Kaveh Azar Video Interview: LED Heat Sink Types and Applications

The free LED Cooling Resource Kit can be accessed at: http://qats.com/cms/free-thermal-management-led-lighting-resource-kit/