Thermal Engineering Day

National Thermal Engineer Day – July 24, 2017

Sponsored by Advanced Thermal Solutions

A Day to Recognize the Importance of Thermal Management in the
Electronics Industry and the Engineers and Companies That Make It.

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image_1Electronics thermal management is pivotal for their longevity and reliable operations; yet thermal engineers who make this possible receive little to no recognition. Irrespective of the market sector, whether consumer electronics, large datacenters, or cutting-edge biomedical and aerospace electronics, without thermal engineer’s contributions, the electronics that are integral part of today’s life and the cornerstone of our nation’ technological advancement would not be possible.As the result, with the passion to understand and work with heat management, it seems fitting to have July 24th, which is recognized as one of the hottest day of the year, as Thermal Engineering Day.

3-Ways to Celebrate and Be Recognized!

      • Show Your Current Project
      • Get a National Thermal Engineer Day Pin
      • Join our BBQ or host your own!

Show Your Current Project

heat pipe2007TaipeiITMonth_IntelOCLiveTest_Overclocking-6Don’t let your best work remain hidden in a chassis! Instead show the world what you got!For thermal engineer day, submit your 1 minute or less video to us of your project to show the world.Submit to us via the Facebook page Thermal Engineering   #ThermEngDay when you post!

Get a National Thermal Engineer Day Pin

TED-PINVisit our web site and sign up for a Thermal Engineer Day
Pin! Just visit here to get yours Wear you pin and post to Facebook page Thermal Engineering.Make sure you use the hashtag #ThermEngDay
when you post!
We’ll be showing all photos on this landing page as well to
show the world that Thermal Engineer makes a difference

Join our BBQ at ATS’s R&D Center in Norwood MA

CookoutON Thermal Engineer Day we’re having a cookout to honor the day. If you are in the Boston area stop down and join us!RSVP here.

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