ATS Products

LED Cooling Heat Sinks

ATS has a line of heat sinks, based on ATS’ patented maxiFLOW™ technology, specifically designed for cooling LED (light emitting diode) components. Including linear, round/STAR LED, and custom designs, ATS has the solution to meet any LED application, whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or industrial. ATS can design and manufacture the entire LED thermal package from housing to heat sink with casted, machined, and extruded options to meet thermal and aesthetic requirements.

An LED’s performance, like that of any other semiconductor, is temperature-sensitive. High temperatures degrade the light emittance and the life of the LED. ATS high-performance LED heat sinks are the cooling solutions that will ensure performance, efficiency, and reliability.

LED Heat Sink - Linear


L: 305.00 - 330.00 mm
W: 45.00 - 45.00 mm
H: 26.00 - 26.00 mm
LED Heat Sink - Round/Star Shape


L: 18.00 - 85.00 mm
D: 45.00 - 100.00 mm

Industrial LED Heat Sinks and Cooling Solutions
  • Indoor and outdoor industrial LED housing solutions
  • Wide temperature range solutions
  • Broad range of Industrial designs for LED housing

Commercial LED Heat Sinks and Cooling Solutions
  • Downlight, street light and warehouse applications
  • Indoor, outdoor and temperature controlled commercial applications
  • Custom and retrofit manufacturing offerings