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Heat Sinks for Analog Devices

For Analog Devices eval boards for AD9166, AD9986/8, AD9081/2, and the quad-MxFE


Length (A) 20.25 mm
Width (B) 20.25 mm
Height (C) 13.50 mm
Based Width (D) 14.0 mm

ATS has partnered with Analog Devices to design a fanSINK specific to the ADI reference designs AD9166, AD9986/8, AD9081/2, and the quad-mxFE. The new fanSINK works to provide air flow directly to the communications, mixed signal, RF devices on these evaluation boards, enabling them to operate to their design performance specification.

Device Specific Heat Sink Features & Benefits

  • Heat sink includes 7/8" screws, which fit 10mm thick fans.
  • Product hole pattern is 20 mm C-C (center to center)
  • Component Attachment: ATS superGRIP™ is a proven high reliability mechanical attachment system
  • superGRIP™ hardware includes a high performance plastic frame clip and 300 Series stainless steel springclip-avoiding PCB through holes
  • Provided with pre-assembled Thermal Interface Material (TIM) centered on base
  • “Keep-Out” Requirements: An “Un-Populated” boarder zone of 3.5mm around the component is necessary to facilitate the installation/removal of the superGRIP™. Please refer to the superGRIP™ Keep-Out Guidelines and Installation/Removal Instructions for further details
  • Fan no included
L=Length (mm);W=Width (mm); H=Height (mm);D=Diameter (mm); R=Thermal Resistance (°C/W);
Heat Sinks for Analog Devices
ATS-2651-C2-R0 21.0 21.0 13.5 2.8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Check
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