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Heat Sinks For Texas Instruments

ATS heat sink family are optimized for natural convection air cooling


Length (A) 50.0 -78.0 mm
Width (B) 13.0 - 36.0 mm
Height (C) 2.0 - 35.6 mm

Texas Instruments Incorporated designs and manufactures analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors. TI is a leader in semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and applications processing and sought out ATS’ innovative heat sink technology to design a solution specific for TI’s Audio Evaluation Modules. ATS’ heat sinks are optimized for natural convection air cooling. This black anodized finish allows for maximum heat dissipation

TI Heat Sink Features & Benefits

  • Designed specifically for TI’s Audio Evaluation Modules
  • Heat sinks come with 2 4-40 taped threaded holes
  • Optimized for natural convection air cooling
  • Black anodized for maximum heat dissipation
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