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LGA Heat Sinks

Standard flip-chip Ball Grid Array (BGA)


Length (A) 56.0 - 94.0 mm
Width (B) 56.0 - 101.0 mm
Height (C) 27.0 - 52.0 mm

An LGA (Land Grid Array) package is a standard flip-chip Ball Grid Array (BGA) shipped with no spheres. LGA packages have been available for hand-held devices telecomm and datacomm applications. Freescale (Quad-Core i.MX), Linear Technology (LTM4600), AMD (Quad FX platform), STMicroelectronics (LIS331Dlx), Intel (Core i7 920, Core i7 965), and other manufacturer devices that are compatible with LGA heat sinks. The ATS-57000 series of LGA heat sinks, from ATS, provides the highest level of cooling performance for LGA applications for Intel and AMD multicore processors.

LGA Heat Sink Features & Benefits

  • Designed for high-power LGA applications such as Freescale and Intel processors
  • Active and passive cooling solutions available
  • Thermal resistance of 0.51°C/W or lower with custom design
  • Continuous air flow is provided by a Sayno Denki DC fan (included)
  • Unique attachment minimizes mechanical stress on the device
  • Includes spring-loaded, push pin mounts for direct attachment to the PCB
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