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pcbCLIP is a two-part, tape-on system for mounting ATS heat sinks. Its rugged, flame-retardant plastic frame clip attaches directly to a PCB, around a hot component, via its strong 3M pressure sensitive adhesive. When the frame clip is in place, a heat sink is easily mounted to the component with the pcbCLIP’s spring clip. The stainless steel spring clip runs through the heat sink fins and snaps securely to the frame clip. The heat sink is attached with steady, even pressure to optimize heat flow from component to sink.

The pcbCLIP system is specially designed for attaching the ATS-64190 series of 25.0 mm x 18.25 mm aluminum heat sinks. These heat sinks feature a high aspect ratio so their tall fins dissipate more heat in a small footprint. Three fin heights are available per application need and available space. All heat sinks are provided with a thermal interface material on their base to improve thermal transfer. pcbCLIP’s spring clip is detachable, allowing the heat sink to be removed for component access. Other heat sink sizes can be accommodated, email for more information.

pcbCLIP Features & Benefits

  • High aspect ratio straight fin heat sink provides enhanced thermal performance to smaller BGA packages.
  • Frame clip is attached to the PCB with 3M double-sided tape and no holes are required on the PCB.
  • Stainless steel spring clip applies steady, even pressure to the component and secures the heat sink.
  • Frame clip (ATS-HK361-R2) is made of PC-ABS plastic blend, providing flame retardant performance.
  • Tape on frame clip assembly kit is supplied with brown release liner. Release liner must be removed prior to installation onto PCB.
  • Heat sink Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is pre-assembled and centered on base.
L=Length (mm);W=Width (mm); H=Height (mm);D=Diameter (mm); R=Thermal Resistance (°C/W);
ATS-64190G-C1-R0 ACTIVE 25.0 18.3 12.5 8.2 5.1 4.1 3.6 36.7 4.4 Chomerics T766 10 Check
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ATS-64190P-C1-R0 ACTIVE 25.0 18.3 17.5 5.5 3.5 2.9 2.5 25.6 3.3 Chomerics T766 10 Check
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ATS-64190T-C1-R0 ACTIVE 25.0 18.3 22.0 4.3 2.8 2.3 2.1 21.2 2.7 Chomerics T766 10 Check
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