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Reliabilty and cost reduction case study for thermal management

Challenge: A complex PCB with heat sinks could not be cooled to its target temperature after engineers tried a number of options
Solution: Remove heat sinks, and use turbulators and 8 high efficiency heat sinks to reach target thermal goal. An additional benefit was to reduce the cost as well.  Learn More.


Challenge: Custom cooling solution needed for PCIe card with 55W device power dissipation requirement
Solution: Low-profile, unducted fansink with optimized fin geometry to use system airflow


Challenge: Rugged enclosure cooling solution needed with required power of several 8W devices to be used in the ARROW SAM car
Solution: Heat sink and enclosure solution optimized for natural convection cooling in a harsh, sealed environment


Challenge: Solution needed for cooling four ASICs in line with power exceeding 120W for a ducted application
Solution: Compact zipper fin, copper and aluminum heat sink, eliminating the need for a heat pipe and a large heat sink


Challenge: Aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective cooling solution needed for canopy lighting fixture with LED case temperature below 85℃ for increased lumen output of 12,000
Solution: One-piece, cast aluminum shroud and heat sink with optimized vents and power supply placement with an upgrade in LED power input of 110W


Challenge: Develop a compact air-cooled solution for more than 110W CPUs and other high-power devices
Solution: Very compact, lightweight, air-cooled solution available with and without vapor chamber, with unmatched thermal resistance of 0.13℃/W

Challenge: CPU and MOSFET cooling solution needed to meet strict cost and thermal requirements
Solution: Low-profile, active heat sink solution met target price and thermal performance


Challenge: Air cooling solution needed for an oil drilling application with 128W of dissipation and two 48W ASICs operating in a harsh environment
Solution: Novel PCB-level heat sink designed that is used as a shield for the board and a cooling solution using the superGRIP attachment to hold the heat sink on the PCB


Challenge: Cooling solution needed for defense camera application with required internal termperature of 49℃ in a desert environment with full solar load
Solution: Heat sink, fan, and TEC integrated into the enclosure enabling the system to operate successfully in a 58℃ environment

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