LED Cooling Design Kit

The following three resources were chose to help in designing the
best LED cooling solution.   The resources are free, just click on the icons to access them:

Design World Article on LED cooling by Dr. Kaveh AzarLED Heat Transfer and Cooling Options: Lighting the Way for LED Development

Click here for the  article (Web article)

This article, written by ATS CEO, Dr. Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., covers different options available to the thermal engineer to cool LED Lights

Guide to designing LED into luminaires or lampsCase Study:  How to Determine the Right Heat Sink for an LED downlighter application replacing halogen style downlighter

Click here for the case study (PDF Download)

This case study covers how the calculations were made to choose the right cooling solution for a downlight application.  Halogen bulbs were replaced with LED.

Case study on how to replace Halogen with LED in downlightsLED Luminaire Design Guide

Click here for the design guide (PDF Download)

This guide, compliments of CREE Lighting, provides guidelines for the process of designing high-power leds into luminaires. This document uses an indoor luminaire design as an example, but the process described can be applied to the design of any LED luminaire.