ATS Labs Thermal Management White Paper: Liquid Cooling Systems for Electronics and Their Components

With Asetek’s very cool announcement of their closed loop liquid cooling system for the thermal management of a PC, our thermal engineering team thought that offering up a white paper on what components a liquid cooling system are composed of might be of interest to our followers.

In its most basic form, the purpose of a liquid cooling system is to transport heat from a device to a remote heat exchanger. The liquid cooling system helps to reduce the thermal spreading resistance associated with the movement of heat from a small component to an extended surface. This reduction of spreading resistance is critical in applications with very high heat flux and limited space in the immediate area for heat dissipation. Examples include laptops, IGBTs, traction motors and radar arrays.

With the ongoing increase in power dissipation, and tightening restriction on packaging, the need for more sophisticated and compact liquid cooling systems is clear. This paper will describe the classic setup of a liquid cooled loop, as well as several examples of novel designs.

You can grab your own copy by clicking on the link here:  “Liquid Cooling Systems and Their Components

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