Laird Technologies Releases Thermoelectric Cooler Thermal Management Application Notes

Laird Technologies is known for a host of technologies including EMI shielding, wireless antenna’s and thermal management products. They have some pretty smart engineers at Laird and they’ve put some of those thoughts on paper to release a new set of Thermal Management application notes for Thermoelectric Coolers.

According to Laird’s official press release:

The application note describes why Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) and Thermoelectric Assemblies (TEAs) are ideal thermal management solutions for many telecommunication applications such as laser diodes and laser pump diodes, cable television (CATV) laser diodes, avalanche photodiodes (ADPs), GPS backup cellular networks, and Battery Backup Unit (BBU) systems in base stations. A wide range of small-and medium-sized heat pumping TEMs and TEAs are beneficial to telecommunication device requirements by complying with excessively tight space constraints that are associated with most telecommunication equipment. They also provide extremely precise temperature regulation, allowing devices to function at peak performance while reducing overall equipment operating costs.

Sounds like great reading frankly and well worth our reader’s time to go visit.  To get your mitts on these important application notes, visit Laird’s site at this link, “Thermoelectric Assemblies and Modules for Telecommunications Applications“.

Our readers might also want a primer on thermoelectric modules.  ATS released such a white paper/primer on July 20th, 2010. You can download your own free copy from at this link, “Using Thermoelectric Coolers in Electronics Cooling

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