EE Times Features ATS Article, “Heat Removal with Microchannel Heat Sinks”

We’d like to note to our followers here of our blog that ATS’ own Dr. Bahman Tavassoli has had an article published in EE Times entitled, “Heat Removal with Microchannel Heat Sinks”. Here’s a snippet so  you know what Dr. Tavassoli is covering:

For high performance CPUs, graphics cards, power amplifiers and other devices, air-cooling has proven ineffective at dissipating high heat fluxes. Heat transfer methods such as heat pipes, vapor chambers, nanomaterials, liquid cooling and miniature refrigeration systems have been attracting more interest.

The rest of our article covers the “whys” and “hows”. If your considering liquid cooling, then this article on microchannel heat sinks is a must read!

You can reach the article at EE Times here: “Heat Removal with Microchannel Heat Sinks

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