Qpedia Issue 96 Just Published

Qpedia, Issue 96 has just been released and can be downloaded at: http://www.qats.com/Qpedia-Thermal-eMagazine/Back-Issues


Featured articles include:

Using Integrated Planar Thermosyphon PCBs to Enhance Cooling of High Brightness LEDs

Because high brightness LEDs have a heat flux that reaches an excess of 80 W/cm2, thermal management is critical to ensure the LED properly performs. This article discusses the promising idea of improving the heat dissipation from the LED package to the PCB using thermosyphons. While the concept of a planar thermosyphon to enhance heat transfer by itself is not new, integrating it into a printed circuit board is innovative and appears to be a promising technology.

Nanofluids in Heat Pipes

The thermophysical properties of the working fluid have a direct impact on a heat pipe’s performance. Water is the most common and effective heat transfer fluid in the electronics cooling industry, but its properties can be enhanced by adding nano-particles. This article discusses what nanofluids are available and their benefits on a heat pipe’s performance.

Fundamentals: Effective Thermal Conductivity of a Heat Pipe

In this new section, Qpedia reviews fundamental thermal engineering principles, calculations and equations needed for the successful cooling of electronics. This issue we discuss how to identify the thermal conductivity of a heat pipe.

Industry Developments: Cooling COB LEDs

Chip-on-board (COB) LED’s are one of the most widely used types of LED packaging. However, the tight spacing between the LEDs and small light emitting surface that make COB LEDs attractive, also present high heat fluxes that must be addressed. Because COBs have such a small surface area, addressing power density is the primary challenge. This article reviews the recent methods that LED manufacturers are using to cool COB LEDs.

Technology Review: Phase Change Materials

Qpedia reviews innovative technologies developed for electronics cooling applications. This section presents selected patents that were awarded to developers around the world to address cooling challenges. In this issue our spotlight is on phase change materials.

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