QPedia Thermal eMagazine Spotlight: TECs and Micro TECs for Spot Cooling Electronics

QPedia Thermal eMagazine December 2010 Front Cover for the article, "TECs and microTECS in spot coolin" Our engineering team has put together a terrific tutorial on TECs (Thermo Electric Coolers), and microTECs in our December 2010 Qpedia Thermal eMagazine. You’ll find the article on page 20.

The microprocessor evolution should make the jobs of system thermal engineers easier. However the complexity of the processor brings a unique set of cooling challenges. Spot cooling with TECs offers several advantages which must be carefully studied to ensure a successful implementation.

So, let us help you get a jump start on this important tool in your thermal professional toolkit, click over to our December 2010 QPedia and scroll down to page 20 to read, “TECs and Micro TECs for Spot Cooling Electronics“.

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