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Featured articles this month include:

The Impact of Orientation on a Heat Pipe’s Performance with Different Wick Structures

This article presents a review of experimental results obtained with heat pipes, in the shape of round cross sections, in different orientations. The results of the experimental study are very useful, showing how thermal performance can be dependent upon factors such as inclination angle, heat input and operating temperature. The findings are then compared with data published in the literature.

The Performance of a Heat Sink with Piezoelectric Fins

Some engineers have introduced piezoelectric fans and synthetic air jets into LED light cooling to enhance the convection heat transfer. Other researchers have proposed the use of heat sinks with piezoelectric fins. This paper discusses this novel concept of cooling LED heat sinks. This article shares experimental studies on the performance of piezoelectric fins with different fin heights, widths and pitches, and under different vibrating modes.

Industry Developments: Diamond-Based Thermal Management Systems

Adopting CVD diamond as a heat spreader for the semiconductor industry is still in its early stages. Demand for superior thermal management solutions for opto-electronics, power and RF devices will drive a broader adoption of this engineering material. When combined with the growth rates of these markets, the increased use of diamond should drive significant investments in synthetic diamond manufacturing capacity. These should in turn promote economies of scale which will enable diamond to operate in segments of the semiconductor market it previously could not compete in.

Technology Review: Techniques for Measuring the Thermal Performance of Heat Pipes, 2006 to 2012

In this issue our spotlight is on techniques for measuring the thermal performance of heat pipes. There is much discussion about this subject in the electronics industry, and these patents show some of the salient features that are the focus of different inventors.

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