Why Enhance A Successful Engineering Home Page?

We just completed some usability enhancements to our home page here at ATS (take a look at qats.com).   We have a very helpful and useful home page (if we do say so ourselves!) and pride ourselves on making it a tool that engineers can use to find solutions to their thermal management challenges.  So if it is so successful why update it?

Well one reason really.   You.  The engineers.

ATS is about Innovations in Thermal Management.  And we take that through the whole company.  So when a visitor poll showed that the information on our web site was excellent but that we could make engineers experience better we jumped at the challenge to innovate the site.

Our marketing and programming team considered new elements such as dynamic menus, flat web site design and responsive design to better accommodate mobile users.  We also considered our engineering users’ needs for quick access to key information such as our expanding list of how-to videos and engineering application articles in Qpedia Thermal eMagazine.  The result is our enhanced and updated home page.   We invite you to take a look and let us know how we did to help your use of qats.com better for 2014.   Just click to  QATS.com.

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