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White Paper: Microchannel Heat Sink Application in IGBT Modules

Traditionally the IGBT modules were cooled by forced air-cooled heat sinks. Air-cooled heat sinks are still good thermal management solutions for low-power and less temperature-restricting IGBT modules. However, the high-power IGBT modules are exclusively cooled by liquid-cooled heat sinks, also known as cold plates. Learn more about their application in this white paper (PDF, download, no registration needed): Download it here

Engineering White Paper: White Paper: Microchannel Heat Sink Application in IGBT Modules
A microchannel heat sink (also known as a cold plate) can be used to cool high power IGBT

Our Custom Zipper Fin Heat Sinks feature No NRE and No MOQ

If you have a project that requires:

  • A custom heat sink
  • Might need a copper or aluminum base
  • Maybe includes a vapor chamber or heat pipes

Then our Zipper Fin Heat Sinks would likely meet your projects need.

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks with no NRE and no MOQ for custom heat sink opportunities

They require no NRE as we have pre-tooled the zipper fins and no MOQ – start with a few protos, tweak your design, or let us do it, and reach your ideal solution from there.

For more information see our web page on Zipper Fins or email us at

Happy Fourth of July from ATS!

Happy Independence Day to all of our American employees, customers, partners and colleagues.

Is there an easy tool to let you bend a heat pipe? Yes there is!

ATS Heat Pipe Bending Tool

Heat Pipe Bending! ~~ If you’ve ever tried bending a heat pipe for a lab application or even for production, you probably tried a vise, or maybe a prosumer type heat pipe bender from a hardware store. Maybe you put in a CNC machine even! But ATS has a tool that is perfect for the job! Click the link for a 2 min. video demo and to see where to get them. And yes we do customs!

Engineering Webinar: How to Choose the Right Heat Sink Attachment for Component Packages of all Sizes and Shapes, 4-15-21 2PM EST

We’ll be hosting another of our monthly webinar on 4-15-21 at 2 PM EST. This one covers how to choose the right heat sink attachment for component packages of all sizes and shapes. Our speaker will be Product Engineering Manager, Greg Wong.

Heat Sink Attachment Engineering Webinar 4-15-21 2PM EST
Engineering Webinar 4-15-21 2PM EST

Choosing the right heat sink is part of deploying a good thermal management solution, the other part is the attachment method. Whether clip, push pin, z-clip, or other, the attachment has an important impact on how effective the thermal solution is. This webinar will cover these issues including attachments for rectangular packages increasingly used in SoC and SiP packages. A handy technical reference sheet and white paper on attachment types will be provided to those who register. This webinar, presented by ATS Product Engineering Manager, Greg Wong and will address all these issues and more. The webinar is 30 minutes in length with time for questions and answers afterward online and after the webinar concludes. The webinar is no charge to attend, but, we do ask you to register: