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Vapor Chambers

Sub-mm, formed to fit applications. Standard off the shelf or custom.

The ATS family of Aluminum vapor chambers are the largest and broadest set of off the shelf vapor chambers available today. From 25x25mm (1x1in) to 250x250mm (9.8x9.8in). Made in the USA, the vapor chambers are also available in Copper and Titanium. Learn more about ATS custom vapor chambers
The Role of Vapor Chamber (VC) Substrate-level thermal transport whether metallic or synthetic diamond substrates that have been used for their superior conduction heat transfer, are displaying inadequacies in spreading the heat for effective device cooling. Traditional liquid-cooled systems, even at the substrate level, though much more effective in spreading the heat over a larger area as compared to solid conduction, but they require ancillary supporting system that includes, coolant, pump, controller and at least plumbing. Consequently, Vapor chambers that are two-phase devices (expanded and flattened heat pipe) offer a tremendous opportunity for their ability to spread the heat effectively over a larger surface area for its eventual transport via all three modes of heat transfer.

Unique Features of Vapor Chambers

  • Allows for near isothermal heat transfer, i.e., low △T across large surface area.
  • No moving parts to transport the fluid since the capillary and phase change create the forces required for fluid motion.
  • No external devices such as power supply, controller, valves, etc. to regulate the fluid flow.
  • Customizable geometry.
  • Customizable working fluid, supporting a large temperature range.
  • Formed and shaped to fit the application.
  • Sub-mm in thickness over a large surface area
  • Vapor chambers can be manufacturer in Aluminum, Copper and Titanium

Vapor Chambers: Custom

Custom versions in aluminum, copper, and titanium
ATS has extensive capabilities in designing vapor chambers (VC) and heat pipes (HP) made of Copper, Aluminum, and Titanium. The design tools are developed based on fabrication capabilities and limitations.

ATS Fabrication Facility for VC & HPs

Wick Type Mesh, Pillar, OtherWorking Fluid Acetone, Water, Other
Material Aluminum, Titanium, CopperMinimum/Maximum Temperature 10-60°C (50-140°F)
Capabilities ATS has extensive capabilities in designing vapor chambers & heat pipes made of Copper, Aluminum, & Titanium The design tools are developed based on fabrication capabilities and limitations Testing Facilities ATS has extensive thermal and mechanical testing capabilities of vapor chamber and heat pipes
Manufacturing Process ATS production facility in Norwood MA, USA, is capable of prototype and low volume production of unique vapor chambers and heat pipes.Manufacturing Size Range ATS has the capability to fabricate large (450x450mm) and small (5x5mm) vapor chambers at its facility in Norwood MA, USA.

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