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Heat Sinks

Extensive Product Line of Innovative, COTS & Custom Heat Sinks and Attachments 

From ultra-performance heat sinks to standard, off-the-shelf solutions, ATS offers the industries broadest range of heat sinks with over 5000 designs to meet the most demanding thermal challenges of today’s high powered devices. ATS offers the largest selection of BGA cooling solutions in straight fincross-cut, and maxiFLOW™ designs that yield the highest thermal performance for the volume it occupies as compared with other heat sinks on the market. ATS also offers a complete line of cold plates and other liquid cooling products and heat pipes and assemblies, freezers for biotech and pharmacologyair cleansers and more.   Many of our products are made in the USA in our R&D and Manufacturing Campus in Norwood MA, just 30 minutes south of Boston. From test instruments to measure air temperature and velocity for the CDC, to thermal management solutions for medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, computer servers, telecommunications equipment, battery cooling and more, ATS is here to serve you.

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