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Wind Tunnel Controllers & Accessories for Automation of Wind Tunnel Testing

ATS’ wind tunnel controllers allow users to automatically control air flow and temperature through the test chamber. The WTC-100™ wind tunnel controller is compatible with all ATS Open Loop Wind Tunnels and the CLWTC-100™ was designed specifically for ATS’ Closed Loop Wind Tunnels. ATS’ wind tunnel controllers minimize the chance of error that can occur with using multiple and/or less capable controlling devices. For heat sink characterization studies, ATS also offers component simulators which replicate a full range of heat dissipation conditions.

  • WTC-100™ Wind Tunnel Controller

    WTC-100™Wind Tunnel Controller

    Wind tunnel controller for the automation of wind tunnel testing. Compatible with ATS wind tunnels.

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  • HP-97™ Component Simulators

    HP-97™Component Simulators

    Replicates the heat dissipation conditions of devices up to 110°, Features an aluminum block and a cartridge heater embedded within a high temperature DERLIN® housing and mounted to an FR4 plate

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  • CLWTC-1000™ Wind Tunnel Controller

    CLWTC-1000™Wind Tunnel Controller

    Wind tunnel controller for the automation of the CLWT-067 and CLWT-115 closed loop wind tunnels.

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