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Automotive Applications

Thermal Management Consulting, Products, Education and Resources for Cooling Automotive Applications

As automobiles continue to deploy advanced electronics, heat dissipation is increasing at a rapid rate and thermal management is becoming more of a driving force than ever before. The computing sophistication that currently exists in most cars and trucks, rivals some of the complex telecomm and datacomm equipment on the market, with a major challenge of having uncontrolled ambient conditions that uniquely face automotive electronics. With the proliferation of electronics in smart-vehicles, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, vehicle-to-central office data exchanges, engines, cabins, lighting and environmental controls, effective thermal analyses must be undertaken to avert potential heat related issues that may put the operation of a vehicle in jeopardy.

For example, airflow studies on body shapes and appendages, e.g. mirrors, spoilers, etc., can help designers reduce drag, vacuum and lift. Knowing airflow patterns in auto cabins can help to optimize climate and ventilation systems. Profiling airflow into engines and vapor flow from tailpipes is useful for achieving better engine performance.