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Custom Cold Plates Design & Fabrication

Obtain Optimal Thermal Performance

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Standard Cold Plate : Micro Channel Cold Plate :

ATS' Liquid Cold Plate Technologies offer several options for obtaining optimum thermal performance. Our extensive knowledge in solving todayS's toughest thermal problems, while still maintaining cost-effective solutions makes ATS cold plates the right choice.

Custom and Standard Liquid Cold Plates

  • ATS offers both custom and standard cold plates
  • Discrete tubing for the liquid pathway
  • Internal fluid pathway construction
  • Exposed tube cold plates
  • Buried tube cold plates
  • Flat tube cold plates
  • Brazed, Vacuum Brazed and Dip Brazed
  • Many more combinations designed to meet the application need

iFLOW-200 For Measuring a Cold Plate's Thermal and Hydraulic Characteristics:

  • ATS' iFLOW-200™ measures a cold plate's inlet/outlet fluid temp, surface temp, coolant volumetric flow rate and pressure drop
  • Provides different flow rates to the cold plate
  • Measures coolant temp from 0-70°C
  • Temperature accuracy of +/-1°C
  • Uses K-type thermocouples for all the temperature measurements.
  • Distilled water is reference coolant, reports performance for 5 other fluids
  • Measures cold plate differential pressure up to 103,000 Pa (15 psi)
  • Pressure measurement of +/-1% of full scale.